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Episode 411 – Binge Back Better

In this episode we discuss: New Bells? RIP in Pieces Goose Island does Goose Island things FoBAB I like money says Stone A change that should happen

Episode 409 – Go Shuck Yourself

In this episode we discuss: Annnnd it’s gone RIP to the only mead maker in CLT Gilde is coming Resident Culture expands, hopefully not as a daycare Hickory beat CLT to the punch

Episode 408 – Mute Jeff, Literally

HEAD’S UP: Looks like Josh had Jeff muted for about a 20min spell while there was music playing, so the sound may be weird in this one in parts. Reminder that we’ll be at...

Episode 406 – Booooooooooo [Redacted]

In this episode we discuss: Tree House plays nice Molson gets into the CBD game Non Alcoholic beer is still trying to be a thing Hard Selter not on the grow Topo Chico Nationwide Wretch  

Episode 405 – Fresh Hop Jam ’21

In this episode we discuss: Catawba has sold Black is Beatiful creator to start a brewery in Charlotte Smoke taint Bad optics from Goose/AB Hi-Wire bring their act to town Asheville brought in the bucks Mariners revue a old place

Episode 404 – Episode Not Found

In this episode we discuss: What would you tell someone to new to the craft beer world to drink Hydro hops Too soon It’s baccccck Brought to you by PBR

Episode 403 – Craft Monday Cast

In this episode we discuss: You mean Brexit was bad? Shmaltz calls it quits Freemont didn’t let anyone go during Covid or did they Please get us a bottle, please Get those bottles back

Episode 401 – Actions have Consequences

In this episode we discuss: GABF ’21 Winners  NC Winners NC grows up a bit Flying Dog, no one cares Your actions have consequences Texas grows up We really should stop giving these guys free press

Episode 400 – 400

400 That’s it. That’s the title. In this episode we discuss: Beer after workouts, brah Neat Maybe good BBQ Yuengling expands Why?? WHYYYYYYYY??? Classy This lasted all of 2 seconds Trash beer

Episode 399 – Over Newsed

In this episode we discuss: DFH going budget Whoa New Glarus via our Subreddit  Weed beer story, again A contract brewer grows Zwanze Day 2021 We are about to take a beating in the wallet Booo Pack booo We need to bring...

Episode 395 – We Got Loopy

In this episode we discuss: Beerworks closes their doors We have heard this one before Goodbye to the brands It isn’t over yet but ouch Coke is learning lessons The shortage is real

Episode 390 – Fax it to me

In this episode we discuss: Josh is the worst Can’t hurt Santa with these Boulevard is trying to right the ship Best Ballparks for Beer

Episode 389 – CLT’d

In this episode we discuss Unknown is going away RIP to a legend. To one of us at least Whale Bro Goose Shit Beer

Episode 387 – Jeff Be Trollin

In this episode: Goodbye to a place 2 of the 3 of us had never hear of This could be interesting to watch Big oooof Like a phoenix Covid Sucks

Episode 384 – The Apocalypse

In this episode we discuss: Don’t believe this for a second Buying the Rockies failed but was it ever really meant to be a thing Why does AB keep trying to do nice things ALL THE BUBBLES The...

Episode 381 – Kyle Listen to me

In this episode we discuss: For the degens We wish them the best of luck What was once old is new again If you are counting, why are you drinking Bad Optics Sigh

Episode 380 – No, I just ate a lot

In this episode we discuss: Sugar, In Water Wanna get high Rest In Power WBB In West Philadephia, born and raised NOOOOOOOOOOO Extract FPS Most Popular Beers We don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

Episode 378 – Jazz Hands

In this episode we discuss: MN trying to kill craft liqours Idiots gonna idiot WAT NO YES YES YES Gimme em the boot Goose is still Goose, kinda

Episode 370 – Sympatico

In this episode we discuss: The south still isn’t great with beer laws Boo Anchor Why Where did you go Good on Town

Episode 359 – Happy Thanksgiving 2020

It’s been a year. A HELL OF YEAR. Hopefully you are staying safe and staying home or at the very least, wearing a damn mask. In this episode we discuss: Allegedly The Waffle Hizze...

Episode 354 – Be4Loko

In this episode we discuss: Mikkeller grows up AB Inbev misses the boat Topo Chico has a partner Beer malk Pabst weed seltzer 

Episode 353 – The Message

In this episode we discuss: The Incident The Response El A part 2 BA seems to be going nowhere First new beer in 60 years Wholesalers unite

Episode 347 – Josh Supports Corporate Terrorism

In this episode we discuss: Gross New Belgium was bigger than we thought Dunkin keeps trying This is why we can’t have nice things Brewdog does some decent, for once Blah blah blah Stone. Blah blah blah Stone

Episode 345 – Wear A Damn Mask

In this episode we discuss: Stone CEO leaves what does it mean More taxes MOAR SELTZERS MMMMMMM Boulevard Whiskey NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

Episode 336 – MSTCBC

This is an odd one folks. No news. No real buy/nobuy we just watched a movie! If you don’t have Amazon Prime and a 1:40 minutes to kill you are allowed to skip this...

Episode 329 – They were bleeping

In this episode we discuss: Virtual Brewgaloo RIP the real Oktoberfest for this year at least Info-graphs are fun Beer is dying in CA CO2 could be running out

Bad news, everyone!

Bad news, everyone!

Bad news, everyone! The bot that we have been using since going into isolation did a bad thing and destroyed the show. We’ll be moving forward with multiple recording sources going forward, but unfortunately...

Episode 328 – Milk Jug Growlers?

Few things to get out of the way. This and future episodes at least through April will be done online so we are learning some things as we go into this new world. You...

Episode 326 – Alright, Bot

Few things to get out of the way. This and future episodes at least through April will be done online so we are learning some things as we go into this new world. You...

Episode 325 – That one time at Medieval Times

In this episode we discuss: Alright then Double Alright then MORE Listicls Weed beer has issues Gone and already forgotten HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS: So we hope you all are staying safe and at home, isolating and drinking up all of...

Episode 324 – WHEW that was close

In this episode we discuss: Nothing is going to change, until it does Y’all are fugged Why is this a thing Why ask why, try Bud Nitro The reason ABV on cans is a thing TLDR

Episode 323 – Bad Jokes

In this episode we discuss: R.I.P. Bold Missy BBAed Seltzer, FINALLY Darkness Day is done, for now Roasting for Reseach is coming up!

Episode 320 – Mush Mouth Josh

In this episode we discuss: There are some laws Omnipollo to finally have a spot of their own A white whale now exists Time to play the game    

Episode 314 – Mules Are The Worst

In this episode we discuss: Resale market is insane Drynuary needs to stop Anchor becomes unionized Another employee owned brewery Do you want to play a game?

Episode 309 – MACLUNKY!

In this episode we discuss: New Belgium sells Bold Rock sells So with Dog Fish and New Belgium gone, who is next Might have payed too much  

Episode 308 – The Virginia Paradox

In this episode we discuss: PG&E bad, beer good Too little, too late Green Flash continues to close places Brew Dog makes some money Millercoors trying to hide some things  

Episode 307 – OK Boomer

In this episode we discuss: We called it 10 Barrel Boomerang The balls on AB sometimes We could do it for half the cost  

Episode 304 – joshworldproblems

In this episode we discuss: We should buy an Island Paper Bottles? Ohhh Minnesota What 5 beers would you order after being locked away for 5 years

Episode 301 – The Hard Way

In this episode we discuss: GABF 2019 Winners GABF by the numbers Normal beer is making a come back Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Episode 300 – NEW MUSIC WHO DIS

In this super sized 300 we discuss: Michigan is having some issues it seems This wasn’t for publicity at all Ballast Point is starting to assimilate Guess who’s back Time to play the game

No new episode this week…

We’re coming back next week for Episode 300, which will be a little beefier than usual, but nothing so giant that it warranted splitting into two episodes. As we recorded Ep300, it was a...

Episode 299 – The End?!??

In this episode we discuss: Drumpf trade war Texas grows up What beer terms do you hate, brah Lager, the new hotness That’s a pricey beer  

Episode 297 – Pie Face

In this episode we discuss: More places need to do this Odell getting in the wine game Whales bruv Time to play the game

Episode 287 – PEDs Not S***s

In this episode we discuss: This list will shock you Let me jam on my beer, man What is old is new again Pastry Stouts from the experts

Episode 284 – And I’m Mark

In this episode we discuss: Here we go again, again AB with the dick move of the year at least so far Pay your debts TTB keeps rolling Yikes  

Episode 275 – Shout Outs

  In this episode we discuss: South Carolina trying to update beer laws again 3.2 Beer is dead. Long live 3.2 beer Three Floyds is canning It’s Schraderbrau, Marie!  GEEZ!

Episodes 274 – Vape Lord

In this episode we discuss: It wasn’t the People’s Elbow, but Rock Bottom hit, well, Rock Bottom Coors is being petty Miller takes the pettiness a step further A Carnival of beers that no one wants...

Episode 264 – It is good for over a year

Things you might feel like reading after hearing us talk about it on the show: Shut down beer Man gets hit in groin by football Hazy bro brews kinda suck And you will keep seeing this happen

Episode 262 – Top 5 of 2018 and more

On this episode, you’ll hear us rant about: Another shutdown, another slow down of new releases Another best breweries list The BAC keeps dropping in Utah Our top 5 of 2018s as well

Episode 259 – Was the worm in it?

In this episode we discuss: Trillium gets shady NJ changes, maybe for the good Kirin leaving beer Founders outsourcing WTH is Brut Beer Oh Ab you so crazy

Episode 253 – Sausage Jam ’97

Complaints about lack of photo can be sent to In this episode we discuss: Growth for Cycle The quarterly sky is falling story Changes at Rogue Desert Island Brewery both local and national

Episode 251 – Fail Wells

In this episode we discuss: Why is this a thing ISO again Who made the craft beer for the Atlanta stadium No babies Classic

Episode 250 – A Phantom Wells

In this episode we discuss: AB is up to something Lagunitas cuts staff And the saga continues OK grows up a bit Jersey really is a cesspool

Episode 246 – Unfruited Cider

@jrep1972 from Red Clay Cider joins to hang out while we discuss: Layoffs at Millercoors Changes at Pabst What was once old is new again

Episode 243 – Do You Even Vape, Bro?

In this episode we discuss: Florida is still a craft beer mess Two hats two soon You are 5 years too late When wasps strike back These top 12 beer states may surprise you

Episode 242 – Owen Wilson Wow

Some things stay the same, some things change…tonight we talk through: What is CLT beer A Stone in a China Shop The bubble is not about to burst Canarchy is on the rise

Episode 240 – Trademark THIS

Sorry for the lack of show last week; we traveled over to Divine Barrel for a set of shows.  First up, we talked about…. Non Competes Yeast, it’s what’s for dinner Ya don’t say Vomit.gif Bowls brah

239 Game Over Man, Game Over

No show this week. Blame it on Chuck, he broke mold when we bought most of his beer last show…. OK not really. We are going to shift our normal schedule so that we...

Episode 238 – The Chuck Beercast?

Look – there’s a non-zero chance that this show crashes and burns, but we have 50% Chuck-supplied beers (@beerpurgatory).  We do greatly appreciate those of you that send us beer, and have one from...

Episode 237 – Did Ya Miss Me, Baby?

Jim Ross: In what has become commonplace, it’s another show without Jo—-what’s that?  Who’s music is that?!?!?  BAH GAWD, IT’S JOSH’S MUSIC! [/JR_VOICE] Josh is back, and he’s here to tell us about the...

Episode 236 – Sacred Territory

We let Mark and Ryan stick around for one more show.  Sure, some of these are repeats for buy/no-buy, but I mean, when Mark comes bringing Russian River gifts….you kinda gotta roll with it....

Episode 235 – O.G. and Me

What’s that music?!  OH NO!  Some O.G. co-hosts just showed back up! Distributors are, like, just normal folks that are simply misunderstood, right? When new breweries combine and then move to your town, do...

Episode 234 – Cocaine Nasal Hookers

Still no Josh – I can’t believe that he hasn’t come running back into the room to take over… Here are links to the topics for this show: Possible tariff relief for brewers You won’t...

Episode 233 – The Reverse Purvis

In the latest installment, we have somehow misplaced Josh, but Chris is here, so win/win? Oskar Blues helps Deep Ellum quit dog paddling That sour taste isn’t the beer, it’s your lack of acceptance of relief Where will...

Episode 232 – Super Fine

In this episode we discuss: The importance of flagships Brewers on the move Boston Beer busted Quantifying the haze craze Heavy petting boo

Episode 231 – Fixing The Glitch

In this episode we discuss: Illegal Activity? In MY supply chain? Stairway to Heineken First they came for my South African hops Green Flash in the pan Brewing your own beer? Oy vey No more breweries

Episode 229 – Party Occasions

Whew, LOTS of news in this show. We discuss: Holy shit Ninkasi CEO steps down Nikos drops the mic The fight continues Jeff might have lost it Five things that AB InBev can’t do So this is a thing now  

Episode 227 – So Much Blue

In this episode we discuss: World Beer Cup 2018 Results Yea, no OMB to be the first craft brewer to beer in PET Josh is sick of talking about this

Episode 223 – Dropping Molly

In this episode we discuss: I feel like we talk about this every other show now One more time with feeling Is this the future Drink what you like Why Come at me bro The hammer will drop

Episode 222 – Josh The Shut-In

In this episode we discuss: More Greenflash troubles and then…even more More breweries are a coming Wow…… And it starts No, you didn’t Miller Haze me up Fam

03.29.18 – No show this week

03.29.18 – No show this week

Folks – Josh has been recovering from the flu, which means either we all sacrifice and try to make it work, recording a show and knowing full well that we would likely die due...

Episode 219 – Puny Human

In this episode we discuss: Your liver laughs at you AB blocks Yuengling Feels like we have one of these stories about every month now

Episode 218 – Rule Breakers

In this episode we discuss: Whales for Wishes 2018 Green Flash looking for some help New Highland Logos We have the best excise cuts

Episode 217 – Mea Culpa

In this episode we discuss: You are saying it wrong Cool Idea Stuck holding the bag Anchor away Visit Idaho Mace  Good on Epic Nice Job Jackie’Os

Episode 216 – Deep Faking It

In this episode we discuss: They have case Two hats, two furious Oh Maryland… Skirting Trademarks  Praise Dear Leader, Praise him

Episode 215 – Reverse Cacaogirl

Whew. Another big news show. In this episode we discuss: Hazy IPAs have jumped the shark This is why we can’t have nice things Wait, Pabst doesn’t just make PBR?!?!? ISO ISO ISO ISO Might be the best...

Episode 214 – Dammit Chuck

Lots of news to get into. In this episode we discuss: Smuttynose is getting sold off CLT Independent Craft Brew Alliance update Lagunitas pulls out of Charleston Papazin retires SysTech now has FBI on them Dry January  As if Cleveland isn’t...

Episode 211 – I’ve got duck tape, bitch

First recordings of 2018 and we have a hot take right off the bat! In this episode we discuss OK then Shout out to from our subreddit 99 cans of Pabst on the wall. 99 cans...

Episode 210 – It’s Always Sunny in Charlotte

Hopefully everyone is through with their Holidays and made it through safe and sane. In this episode we discuss: Summit Brewing Layoffs Palmetto officially sold Left Hand is still taking White Labs to court AB wants to...

Episode 209 – Simpsons Did It

Back again for a post Xmas show. Still no Jeff but he will be returning next week. In this episode we discuss: Over 6000 Breweries Treating hops like grapes Wisconsin Beer Label Highland has a new look All...

Episode 207 – ABInBev is The Trump of Beer

Back again for another show sans Chris. Sorry about the hiss, still trying to figure it hopefully I will fix it before the next round of shows. In this episode we discuss: Budweiser, IN SPACE...

Episode 205 – Kings of the North

Back again for a post Thanksgiving day coma. In this show we discuss: Ever drank beer, on weed? Adjunct stouts bad, BCBS good. Gas Station Beer Portland vs Beer. FIGHT Stone back up to their old gimmicks 

Episode 204 – How Many Dudes Deep?

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and remember that standing in line for BCBS is supporting AB InBev and their business practices to run your favorite local brewery out of business!! In this...

Episode 203 – Bubble Guts

Back again for another show. In this show we discuss: Flying Dog ends it again Are you a supertaster Most popular beer by checkins with Untappd API Bubble Guts

Episode 201 – Insider Talk

Hey folks sorry for the delay in getting this posted but here you go! In this episode we discuss: Goose Island at it again Fake Barrel aging – SAD! The Thirsty Monk moves west Let’s see how this...

Episode 199 – I smell it, let me inhale it

Josh is back from foggy ole Londontown or is he????? In this episode we discuss: Have you ever seen Colorado’s economy, on beer Craft is pumping money into the economy We are still a mess So did...

Episode 195 – More Human Than Human

Back again for another show with Ryan still hanging around. We tried to kick him out to no avail. In this episode we discuss: Safest beer to brew Third Green Flash This is why I...

Episode 193 – Get Off My Lawn

Back again for another show. Sorry about the background hissing. Josh is working on trying to figure out what on the sound board is causing it. In this episode we discuss: Beer is cheaper...

Episode 192 – Can’t Well

Back again for another show. In this episode we discuss: Goodbye to a oldie that was once a legend  New Belgium is grasping at straws $14 Funky Buddha sixers coming Change of heart Lobster Claw Lager

Episode 191 – Rule 34

Little more of a normal show this time. Not as many crazy news stories. In this episode we discuss: If you are making beer can chicken, you are doing it wrong Why Damn Millennials The normies...

Episode 190 – ALL The News

We are back for another round of shows and all four of us are in studio again! In this episode we discuss: Wheelin and Dealin The best Onion article ever New Belgium is trying to get...

Episode 189 – In The Middle Of The Night

The bros are back and still a little loud but not as bad as it was last show. Hopefully, In this episode we discuss: Mmmmmmm. Nothing burger. I’m punk brah. NO I’M PUNK BRAH! An interesting...

Episode 188 – Huh? What?

If we sound a little off meaning quite or hot, blame the board. Right as we were getting ready to record the headphone port took a nose dive so I couldn’t hear what we...

Episode 187 – Ring Ring

Back again for another show. Josh’s phone rang but again you can’t hear it so I am not buying a beer for any of you 3!! In this episode we discuss: LOLZ Carlsburg buys someone...

Episode 186 – Slooooowwww downnnnnn

So something odd happened but you will never really now. For some reason we tried to play a video and talk over it and our voices slowed down. Like wayyyy down. Thankfully I was...

Episode 182 – Fake News

[photo of bottles that Kissel forgot to take.jpg] Guess who’s back. Back again. Here to bring you the fakest of news and WHEW do we have a lot.. In this show we discuss: The...

Episode 181 – BRING US UTOPIAS

You see it in the title, you have the challenge. We want to try Utopias. We will trade with you, have you on the show, whatever. You know how to get in touch with...

Episode 177 – The Dumbest

Year 5 starts now! We started a Patreon if you want to help support us, everything will go right back into the show. Also Mark is still here for what is most likely really...

Episode 176 – 4 Year Anniversary!!!

We did it. Somehow we made it to four years. I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been there from the beginning and stuck around with the bullshit audio quality...

Episode 175 – That Barleywine Life

  Oh boyyy did we go long. I blame the barleywine Jeff decided to do. In this episode we discuss: We lost before we even knew it was over Some valid points also some...

Episode 174 – Josh Is A Lazy Man

Josh starts off the show discussing the Beer Exchanges store front system and how it works and also explains why he isn’t into the trading scene. We also discuss: Crush it brah LOLZ Sell...

Episode 173 – My Wiiiife

(Yes I know I am reusing a title from barely 10 episodes ago but the way Wells starts to get super embarrassed as we piled on him, I couldn’t help it) We are back...

Episode 172 – Everything Golden

Chris has been put on a time out for a few shows for his comments on the last show so this one we just 3 man it. In this show we discuss: Alright GA...

Episode 171 – Godwin’s Law

Back for another show. This is 100% Chris’s fault. Send him all your hate mail In this show we discuss: Hey Lime a Rita Interesting study Drink Local No it isn’t Rip Off

Episode 170 – Down The Drain

We are back with another set of shows. For those of you not in NC be prepared as we rant again about raising the barrel limit before we hit the break. In this episode...

Episode 169 – Beer and Vidja

The boys are back for another show. Josh starts off by talking about his visit to Abari, where he was in nerd heaven. Then we get into the news. In this episode we discuss:...

Episode 168 – ONE Job

Chris is back and Ryan has disappeared into the mists again. For now… We discuss: GOAT Zima Another dumb law suit Bad beer is OK, maybe

Episode 167 – Schrödinger’s Wells

Back for the final show with Ryan until he decides to randomly join us again. In this show we discuss: New Bells CEO Vaporware Beer still has it, for now Tied House vs Three...

Episode 166 – You put it in your mouth

Back again for some more shows with Ryan still hanging around. Sorry about that. In this show we discuss: Forced Out? Changes to something most of us aren’t buying WOB vs JDubs Walking around...

Episode 164 – My Wife

We are here with Ryan in tow for a few. Sorry for all you Chris fans but Mr. can’t keep his mouth in front of a mic is joining us for a bit while...

Episode 163 – I’m a Meatan

We are back with another show! In this episode we discuss: Awesome Idea Caffeine Crazy The goldenest of golden tickets. Maybe The Great Divide decline Innis & Gunn is trolling at this point Nice...

Episode 162 -Kinda an upper decker

We are finally back! Sorry about no show last week. Josh was sick and didn’t want to pass it along to the rest of the crew but we are here with a new show...

Episode 161 – Vote For Pedro

We are back with the first show of the new year! In this episode we discuss: Big fish eats part of another big fish AB going after the brewpubs It was a good run...

Episode 160 – Once You Core It…

We are back with a special guest and our Top 5 beers of 2016! Have a great new year! Clean Sweep 2016 winners (thus far): 111 – 01/13/16 Heist Catacylsm III 116 – 02/22/16...

Episode 159 – Google Docs are hard

I get it. This isn’t my best title but just being a little passive aggressive with the co-hosts because why not? In this episode we discuss: For once not a copyright fight Good bye...

Episode 156 – ‘Memberberry

Back again for another round of shows and what we tap will shock you! Or maybe not. In this episode we discuss: Cuts at Molson Quick update Pay to play crack down Kinda crazy...

Episode 155 – Butt Chuggin

The bros are back for yet another show. This this will drop on Thanksgiving, please enjoy it! In this episode we discuss: Grimm gets a home Bourdain has disdain for us Yea no The...

Episode 154 – Around the World

Chris has returned from his trips to tell us all about the creepy vending machines in Japan. We also discuss: Bud loses for once Be Hoppy Cloud beer

Episode 153 – Josh Is Super Petty

Mark tries to make a old joke new again. For shame Mark. We discuss: WAT Poor Utah We missed a Maximum Overdrive joke or two 5 most underappreciated beers OR ARE THEY?? We get a...

Episode 150 – WHAT

In this episode we discuss: WHAT? Is the money gone? Stone layoffs Heist to get bigger Old Man Chris is happy

Episode 149 – Erupt Into a BevRage

Two or maybe three of you will get this title. If you do, Josh considers amongst the greatest of humans. If not, well…. In this show we discuss: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “Green” beer or is it...

Episode 148 – SAY MY NAME

The anonymous bros are back for another show. In this one we discuss: Our adventures in beer It is finally over Interesting Common sense prevails MMMMM Squash

Episode 147 – The Anonymous Cast

According to this article we are Anonymous but really, we are not!  Although thanks for the shoutout, we kid because we love.  Also in this show we discuss: 25 Breweries on the rise Beer brewed by...

Episode 144 – Fluffer Free

The brahs are back and Kit joined us again which means no CP also Kit has a big announcement at the start of the show if you don’t follow him on Social Media. In...

Episode 143 – It Drinks Like Punch a Cop

The bros are back and ready to fight! Well at least Ryan is. In this show we discuss: Another stolen idea C-C-C-Changes for Duvel Karma is a bitch sometimes Hmmm where have we heard...

Episode 142 – 5xMom’s Spaghetti

Yes we’re back.  Back again.  We start the show with Chris discussing his Boston trip and spoiler alert, he brought back beer for once! We also discuss: THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS...

Episode 141- The Jeffbomb

As promised we have a heavy hitter lineup, so stick around for Buy/NoBuy if it is your thing, also because Jeff decides to drop a rare F Bomb. Not rare for the show mind...

Episode 140 – Abe Froman

  We are back with possible the shittest buy/nobuy line up to date. Seriously, just listen to the news which we have plenty of and come back next week for a much better one....

Episode 139 – Cut Chris Off

We are back and a slower news cycle because Summer. In this show we discuss: So you wanna fight Disney eh? 10 Most Expensive Cities to drink Some random off the cuff topics including...

Episode 138 – Delete your pumpkin beer.

The knuckleheads are back and talking about some fun things: Josh is vindicated as we start to see the new “plan” for when your favorite brewery sells out. ABInBev gets what they want, per usual…...

Episode 137 – Some of the Wells

Chris is still locked in the dungeon and we are back with Ryan again to discuss: No Agua Lagunitas is taking over the world Hop Puns Who don’t you trust anymore

Episode 136 – Jeff Stands Alone

Josh makes a studio “upgrade” which Jeff could care less about and ignores.  Ryan joins us to discuss: Stop, Collaborate and Listen Mile High Draught Blue Moon Lawsuit thrown out EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY

Episode 135 – The Gateway Show

Another longish episode where we cover the beers that converted us to craft drinkers, along with: Are you a brewer that likes to send beer to festivals in South Carolina?  Hope you’re not expecting...

Episode 133 – Moist

The bros are back again for some more news. As summer hits, the news gets lighter. Don’t forgot to visit our Subreddit and submit stories and topics ideas. In this show we discuss: Pennsylvania...

Episode 132 – ebdbbnb

Remember that time where we mentioned that stories dried up during the summer?  Yeah, we’re dealing with some of that right now… The reason why Oskar Blues left the Colorado Brewer’s Guild MAY BLOW YOUR...

Episode 131 – Always Record, Always Record

We are back again for more shenanigans. Thanks to Reddit for our stories this show. Remember to head over there for some free Karma! In this episode we discuss: Old Beer. Like really old beer....

Episode 130 – The Ranty Hour Is Upon Us

We’re back and we’re ranty…topics for this show: Never start a land war in Asia, never go in against a blogger in a social media battle. Oskar and Dale vs The Falling Rock Maybe it’s...

Episode 129 – Buffalo D

The bros are back for some more beer news and random convos. In this episode we discuss: 2016 CBC takeaways NC World Beer Cup winners That not so fresh tasting Flying Dog wins a...

Episode 127 – PB and the D

Ok look. The rest of the jackasses apparently don’t enjoy good stand up comedy like Josh does. Re: the joke referenced at the beginning and the title. Look up Greg Giraldo Midlife Vices to...

Episode 126 – Mr Jeff Goes

The bros are back and Jeff is fresh off his Dark Lord Day trip. And boy do mean fresh. He got off the plane and was chauffeured the studio. Fancy. In this episode we...

Episode 125 – The D

We are back for our 3rd year show! Yes 3 freaking years. I can’t believe I have been doing something for 3 years and haven’t gotten paid to do it but you know what?...

Episode 124 – Ryan Loves Dantalions

  We turned 3! Well not on this show officially but hey whatever. We invited Ryan and Mark back so yes we are sorry you had to deal with them both….. In this episode...