About the Craft Beercast The most honest "About Us" page we could manage.

Who are you losers, anyway?

Great question. Not surprisingly, we’re all pretty big fans of craft beer. Some of us are homebrewers, some of us just like to drink it, but the simple truth is we love to get together and have a few beers (get drunk) and record our discussions (rants). Are we “qualified” to talk about craft beer? Absolutely…not. We all have day jobs, except for Mark who collects royalty checks for his stint as a shirtless male model for Brunch Brah! Clothing Company, LLC.

Why did you start a podcast?

Someone told us that starting a podcast would make us rich. We later found out that is not the case but since Jeff, Josh and Chris never told their significant others, they still get a hall pass each week to do something fun. Now the only thing that keeps us going is the hopes of becoming really famous amongst our thousands (tens) of listeners. In all honesty, if you’re looking for a group of guys who love giving their unsolicited and uncensored opinions on local and national beer topics, you’ve found your podcast.

What are you guys looking to accomplish?

Err, we’re still figuring that out. Since the whole “get really rich and famous” thing didn’t work out we’ve been kicking around the idea of keeping people in the area up to date on craft beer related news and events. We later learned that the internet existed so now it’s just “let’s talk about beer stuff and maybe someone will be entertained.” If our listeners learn something in the process, then we’ll call it a success.

You guys seem really cool (except Jeff), can we hang out?

Of course! We’ll tell Jeff we “cancelled the recording session” and meet up with you for a couple beers instead. Kidding aside, we’re always game for meeting up to grab a beer.