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Episode 395 – We Got Loopy

In this episode we discuss: Beerworks closes their doors We have heard this one before Goodbye to the brands It isn’t over yet but ouch Coke is learning lessons The shortage is real

Episode 378 – Jazz Hands

In this episode we discuss: MN trying to kill craft liqours Idiots gonna idiot WAT NO YES YES YES Gimme em the boot Goose is still Goose, kinda

Episode 370 – Sympatico

In this episode we discuss: The south still isn’t great with beer laws Boo Anchor Why Where did you go Good on Town

Episode 320 – Mush Mouth Josh

In this episode we discuss: There are some laws Omnipollo to finally have a spot of their own A white whale now exists Time to play the game    

Episode 304 – joshworldproblems

In this episode we discuss: We should buy an Island Paper Bottles? Ohhh Minnesota What 5 beers would you order after being locked away for 5 years

Episode 240 – Trademark THIS

Sorry for the lack of show last week; we traveled over to Divine Barrel for a set of shows.  First up, we talked about…. Non Competes Yeast, it’s what’s for dinner Ya don’t say Vomit.gif Bowls brah

Episode 210 – It’s Always Sunny in Charlotte

Hopefully everyone is through with their Holidays and made it through safe and sane. In this episode we discuss: Summit Brewing Layoffs Palmetto officially sold Left Hand is still taking White Labs to court AB wants to...

Episode 160 – Once You Core It…

We are back with a special guest and our Top 5 beers of 2016! Have a great new year! Clean Sweep 2016 winners (thus far): 111 – 01/13/16 Heist Catacylsm III 116 – 02/22/16...

Episode 159 – Google Docs are hard

I get it. This isn’t my best title but just being a little passive aggressive with the co-hosts because why not? In this episode we discuss: For once not a copyright fight Good bye...

Episode 133 – Moist

The bros are back again for some more news. As summer hits, the news gets lighter. Don’t forgot to visit our Subreddit and submit stories and topics ideas. In this show we discuss: Pennsylvania...