Episode 41: Fighting Grizzly Bears and Spanking Beaver Pelts

The gang is back! First time in over a month the 4 of us are in the same room and recording. Mark returned from Canada with a beard that he grew whilst fighting off grizzle bears and spanking beaver pelts. In this episode we discuss:

Troegs hits Charlotte 

One of the more popular breweries up north is finally bringing its beers to the Tar Heel State, as you can now find Tröegs bottles and drafts at your favorite local bottle shop.

99 Cans of beer on the wall

Austin Beerworks is now selling 99-packs of its Peacemaker Anytime Ale for a scant $99.99.

Sab Miller plays nice??!?? 

The beer itself was fine. It was an easy-drinking beer brewed in the German Helles style, a light German beer, but made spicier and more aromatic with five different American hops. The problem, Dick Leinenkugel said, was the name. Consumers were confused.

Chris hates on Stone, again…. 

Playing on the success of their Enjoy By series of beers, this series takes the opposite tack and recommends you cellar the IPA until at least the date on the label so it has a chance to develop and mature.

Craft Brewing is starting to lobby in DC.

New Belgium Brewery, the Colorado maker of Fat Tire, is getting into the political money game. The company filed this month to start the New Belgium Federal PAC, with the intention of donating to as-yet-undecided candidates and supporting causes important to craft brewing, including environmental policy.

Plus Buy/NoBuy, I’d tap that(which I had to edit in….) and all the usual nonsense you have grown to love! 

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