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Episode 243 – Do You Even Vape, Bro?

In this episode we discuss: Florida is still a craft beer mess Two hats two soon You are 5 years too late When wasps strike back These top 12 beer states may surprise you

Episode 237 – Did Ya Miss Me, Baby?

Jim Ross: In what has become commonplace, it’s another show without Jo—-what’s that?  Who’s music is that?!?!?  BAH GAWD, IT’S JOSH’S MUSIC! [/JR_VOICE] Josh is back, and he’s here to tell us about the...

Episode 222 – Josh The Shut-In

In this episode we discuss: More Greenflash troubles and then…even more More breweries are a coming Wow…… And it starts No, you didn’t Miller Haze me up Fam

Episode 214 – Dammit Chuck

Lots of news to get into. In this episode we discuss: Smuttynose is getting sold off CLT Independent Craft Brew Alliance update Lagunitas pulls out of Charleston Papazin retires SysTech now has FBI on them Dry January  As if Cleveland isn’t...

Episode 205 – Kings of the North

Back again for a post Thanksgiving day coma. In this show we discuss: Ever drank beer, on weed? Adjunct stouts bad, BCBS good. Gas Station Beer Portland vs Beer. FIGHT Stone back up to their old gimmicks 

Episode 175 – That Barleywine Life

  Oh boyyy did we go long. I blame the barleywine Jeff decided to do. In this episode we discuss: We lost before we even knew it was over Some valid points also some...

Episode 162 -Kinda an upper decker

We are finally back! Sorry about no show last week. Josh was sick and didn’t want to pass it along to the rest of the crew but we are here with a new show...

Episode 114 – Dick Pilz

The bros are back with a old friend in tow. Ryan from craftfreedom.org talking about what feels like a topic we have rehased 1000 times. The NC barrel limit. If you live in NC...