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Episode 301 – The Hard Way

In this episode we discuss: GABF 2019 Winners GABF by the numbers Normal beer is making a come back Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Episode 300 – NEW MUSIC WHO DIS

In this super sized 300 we discuss: Michigan is having some issues it seems This wasn’t for publicity at all Ballast Point is starting to assimilate Guess who’s back Time to play the game

Episode 299 – The End?!??

In this episode we discuss: Drumpf trade war Texas grows up What beer terms do you hate, brah Lager, the new hotness That’s a pricey beer  

Episode 297 – Pie Face

In this episode we discuss: More places need to do this Odell getting in the wine game Whales bruv Time to play the game

Episode 287 – PEDs Not S***s

In this episode we discuss: This list will shock you Let me jam on my beer, man What is old is new again Pastry Stouts from the experts

Episode 284 – And I’m Mark

In this episode we discuss: Here we go again, again AB with the dick move of the year at least so far Pay your debts TTB keeps rolling Yikes  

Episode 275 – Shout Outs

  In this episode we discuss: South Carolina trying to update beer laws again 3.2 Beer is dead. Long live 3.2 beer Three Floyds is canning It’s Schraderbrau, Marie!  GEEZ!

Episodes 274 – Vape Lord

In this episode we discuss: It wasn’t the People’s Elbow, but Rock Bottom hit, well, Rock Bottom Coors is being petty Miller takes the pettiness a step further A Carnival of beers that no one wants...

Episode 264 – It is good for over a year

Things you might feel like reading after hearing us talk about it on the show: Shut down beer Man gets hit in groin by football Hazy bro brews kinda suck And you will keep seeing this happen

Episode 262 – Top 5 of 2018 and more

On this episode, you’ll hear us rant about: Another shutdown, another slow down of new releases Another best breweries list The BAC keeps dropping in Utah Our top 5 of 2018s as well