Episode 72: It rubs the lotion on its skin….

Kyle emerges from his hole in my guest room to join us in the new show! Thanks for not paying any rent jerk face! In this episode we discuss:

Dales Brewing getting bigger!

Oskar Blues has agreed to purchase Michigan’s Perrin Brewing Company, a smaller craft operation founded in 2011. The pickup may be the first in a series of investments for Oskar Blues, a top-25 craft brewery.

Gas Station Growlers?

Move over slushy machines. Gas stations and convenience stores are making room for a more adult beverage dispenser.

Mission Control, please send beer.

In the hallowed halls of a crowded bottle shop, it can almost seem as though there are more craft beers on the market than there are stars in the sky. Still, you may want to make an effort to seek out Ground Control, a brew that’s truly—no, literally—stellar.

How to make your beer in 75 easy steps.

I’m sure many of you are curious what it’s like to make the dream happen, and so I’d like to share with you these 75 Easy Steps by which you, too, may make your first Commercial Beer. If you are impressed by just how effectively this guide allows you, too, to bring your first Commercial Beer out to market, please share with your friends, family and neighbors so that they too may absorb this useful knowledge!

We are hitting our 2 years next recording session and we want to thank everyone for all your support the past 2 years! Love you, mean it!

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