Episode 38: The Darkest Timeline

Some awesome discussion topics this week!

What the drought in California could mean for craft beer fans.

In California’s Sonoma County, Lagunitas Brewing Company, founded in 1993, has grown into one of the largest craft breweries in the nation. Like several other smaller local breweries, Lagunitas makes its beer with water from the Russian River, a 110-mile waterway that provides drinking water for more than half a million people.

But in the wake of 2013, the driest year ever recorded in California, Lagunitas’ owners say they’re nervous about shortages that could mean a switch from the river water to not-as-tasty well water.

What has been rumored for almost a year now could finally come true

Analysts believe that the next big deal in the beer industry might be under way. Rumors are abound that Anheuser Busch Inbev SA (BUD) plans to take over the world’s second-largest brewer, SABMiller plc (SBMRY), in a merger that might even be bigger than the one that brought the former into existence.

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