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Episode 400 – 400

400 That’s it. That’s the title. In this episode we discuss: Beer after workouts, brah Neat Maybe good BBQ Yuengling expands Why?? WHYYYYYYYY??? Classy This lasted all of 2 seconds Trash beer

Episode 395 – We Got Loopy

In this episode we discuss: Beerworks closes their doors We have heard this one before Goodbye to the brands It isn’t over yet but ouch Coke is learning lessons The shortage is real

Episode 387 – Jeff Be Trollin

In this episode: Goodbye to a place 2 of the 3 of us had never hear of This could be interesting to watch Big oooof Like a phoenix Covid Sucks

Episode 380 – No, I just ate a lot

In this episode we discuss: Sugar, In Water Wanna get high Rest In Power WBB In West Philadephia, born and raised NOOOOOOOOOOO Extract FPS Most Popular Beers We don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

Episode 314 – Mules Are The Worst

In this episode we discuss: Resale market is insane Drynuary needs to stop Anchor becomes unionized Another employee owned brewery Do you want to play a game?

Episode 300 – NEW MUSIC WHO DIS

In this super sized 300 we discuss: Michigan is having some issues it seems This wasn’t for publicity at all Ballast Point is starting to assimilate Guess who’s back Time to play the game

Episode 275 – Shout Outs

  In this episode we discuss: South Carolina trying to update beer laws again 3.2 Beer is dead. Long live 3.2 beer Three Floyds is canning It’s Schraderbrau, Marie!  GEEZ!

Episode 232 – Super Fine

In this episode we discuss: The importance of flagships Brewers on the move Boston Beer busted Quantifying the haze craze Heavy petting boo

Episode 219 – Puny Human

In this episode we discuss: Your liver laughs at you AB blocks Yuengling Feels like we have one of these stories about every month now

Episode 139 – Cut Chris Off

We are back and a slower news cycle because Summer. In this show we discuss: So you wanna fight Disney eh? 10 Most Expensive Cities to drink Some random off the cuff topics including...