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Episode 287 – PEDs Not S***s

In this episode we discuss: This list will shock you Let me jam on my beer, man What is old is new again Pastry Stouts from the experts

Episode 264 – It is good for over a year

Things you might feel like reading after hearing us talk about it on the show: Shut down beer Man gets hit in groin by football Hazy bro brews kinda suck And you will keep seeing this happen

Episode 251 – Fail Wells

In this episode we discuss: Why is this a thing ISO again Who made the craft beer for the Atlanta stadium No babies Classic

Episode 218 – Rule Breakers

In this episode we discuss: Whales for Wishes 2018 Green Flash looking for some help New Highland Logos We have the best excise cuts

Episode 186 – Slooooowwww downnnnnn

So something odd happened but you will never really now. For some reason we tried to play a video and talk over it and our voices slowed down. Like wayyyy down. Thankfully I was...

Episode 182 – Fake News

[photo of bottles that Kissel forgot to take.jpg] Guess who’s back. Back again. Here to bring you the fakest of news and WHEW do we have a lot.. In this show we discuss: The...

Episode 172 – Everything Golden

Chris has been put on a time out for a few shows for his comments on the last show so this one we just 3 man it. In this show we discuss: Alright GA...

Episode 168 – ONE Job

Chris is back and Ryan has disappeared into the mists again. For now… We discuss: GOAT Zima Another dumb law suit Bad beer is OK, maybe

Episode 166 – You put it in your mouth

Back again for some more shows with Ryan still hanging around. Sorry about that. In this show we discuss: Forced Out? Changes to something most of us aren’t buying WOB vs JDubs Walking around...

Episode 162 -Kinda an upper decker

We are finally back! Sorry about no show last week. Josh was sick and didn’t want to pass it along to the rest of the crew but we are here with a new show...

Episode 159 – Google Docs are hard

I get it. This isn’t my best title but just being a little passive aggressive with the co-hosts because why not? In this episode we discuss: For once not a copyright fight Good bye...

Episode 155 – Butt Chuggin

The bros are back for yet another show. This this will drop on Thanksgiving, please enjoy it! In this episode we discuss: Grimm gets a home Bourdain has disdain for us Yea no The...

Episode 154 – Around the World

Chris has returned from his trips to tell us all about the creepy vending machines in Japan. We also discuss: Bud loses for once Be Hoppy Cloud beer