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Episode 284 – And I’m Mark

In this episode we discuss: Here we go again, again AB with the dick move of the year at least so far Pay your debts TTB keeps rolling Yikes  

Episode 253 – Sausage Jam ’97

Complaints about lack of photo can be sent to hatemail@craftbeercast.com In this episode we discuss: Growth for Cycle The quarterly sky is falling story Changes at Rogue Desert Island Brewery both local and national

Episode 227 – So Much Blue

In this episode we discuss: World Beer Cup 2018 Results Yea, no OMB to be the first craft brewer to beer in PET Josh is sick of talking about this

Episode 203 – Bubble Guts

Back again for another show. In this show we discuss: Flying Dog ends it again Are you a supertaster Most popular beer by checkins with Untappd API Bubble Guts

Episode 188 – Huh? What?

If we sound a little off meaning quite or hot, blame the board. Right as we were getting ready to record the headphone port took a nose dive so I couldn’t hear what we...

Episode 171 – Godwin’s Law

Back for another show. This is 100% Chris’s fault. Send him all your hate mail chris@craftbeercast.com In this show we discuss: Hey Lime a Rita Interesting study Drink Local No it isn’t Rip Off

Episode 156 – ‘Memberberry

Back again for another round of shows and what we tap will shock you! Or maybe not. In this episode we discuss: Cuts at Molson Quick update Pay to play crack down Kinda crazy...

Episode 155 – Butt Chuggin

The bros are back for yet another show. This this will drop on Thanksgiving, please enjoy it! In this episode we discuss: Grimm gets a home Bourdain has disdain for us Yea no The...

Episode 148 – SAY MY NAME

The anonymous bros are back for another show. In this one we discuss: Our adventures in beer It is finally over Interesting Common sense prevails MMMMM Squash

Episode 147 – The Anonymous Cast

According to this article we are Anonymous but really, we are not!  Although thanks for the shoutout, we kid because we love.  Also in this show we discuss: 25 Breweries on the rise Beer brewed by...

Episode 129 – Buffalo D

The bros are back for some more beer news and random convos. In this episode we discuss: 2016 CBC takeaways NC World Beer Cup winners That not so fresh tasting Flying Dog wins a...

Episode 119 – I needed Handle Bars

The bros are back with Mark still around but thankfully he will be gone after this for another month. Spoiler alert he will be back for our 3rd Year show coming up in April....

Episode 111 – Watch The Wire

The bros are back with no Jeff again. Joined again by Wells and let’s face it. Half the show we don’t talk beer anyways just random topics and that is how this one starts. In...