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Episode 401 – Actions have Consequences

In this episode we discuss: GABF ’21 Winners  NC Winners NC grows up a bit Flying Dog, no one cares Your actions have consequences Texas grows up We really should stop giving these guys free press

Episode 395 – We Got Loopy

In this episode we discuss: Beerworks closes their doors We have heard this one before Goodbye to the brands It isn’t over yet but ouch Coke is learning lessons The shortage is real

Episode 389 – CLT’d

In this episode we discuss Unknown is going away RIP to a legend. To one of us at least Whale Bro Goose Shit Beer

Episode 381 – Kyle Listen to me

In this episode we discuss: For the degens We wish them the best of luck What was once old is new again If you are counting, why are you drinking Bad Optics Sigh

Episode 284 – And I’m Mark

In this episode we discuss: Here we go again, again AB with the dick move of the year at least so far Pay your debts TTB keeps rolling Yikes  

Episode 251 – Fail Wells

In this episode we discuss: Why is this a thing ISO again Who made the craft beer for the Atlanta stadium No babies Classic

Episode 250 – A Phantom Wells

In this episode we discuss: AB is up to something Lagunitas cuts staff And the saga continues OK grows up a bit Jersey really is a cesspool

Episode 175 – That Barleywine Life

  Oh boyyy did we go long. I blame the barleywine Jeff decided to do. In this episode we discuss: We lost before we even knew it was over Some valid points also some...