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Episode 300 – NEW MUSIC WHO DIS

In this super sized 300 we discuss: Michigan is having some issues it seems This wasn’t for publicity at all Ballast Point is starting to assimilate Guess who’s back Time to play the game

Episode 284 – And I’m Mark

In this episode we discuss: Here we go again, again AB with the dick move of the year at least so far Pay your debts TTB keeps rolling Yikes  

Episode 251 – Fail Wells

In this episode we discuss: Why is this a thing ISO again Who made the craft beer for the Atlanta stadium No babies Classic

Episode 217 – Mea Culpa

In this episode we discuss: You are saying it wrong Cool Idea Stuck holding the bag Anchor away Visit Idaho Mace  Good on Epic Nice Job Jackie’Os

Episode 216 – Deep Faking It

In this episode we discuss: They have case Two hats, two furious Oh Maryland… Skirting Trademarks  Praise Dear Leader, Praise him

Episode 211 – I’ve got duck tape, bitch

First recordings of 2018 and we have a hot take right off the bat! In this episode we discuss OK then Shout out to https://www.reddit.com/user/TheBuck6196 from our subreddit 99 cans of Pabst on the wall. 99 cans...

Episode 205 – Kings of the North

Back again for a post Thanksgiving day coma. In this show we discuss: Ever drank beer, on weed? Adjunct stouts bad, BCBS good. Gas Station Beer Portland vs Beer. FIGHT Stone back up to their old gimmicks 

Episode 191 – Rule 34

Little more of a normal show this time. Not as many crazy news stories. In this episode we discuss: If you are making beer can chicken, you are doing it wrong Why Damn Millennials The normies...

Episode 190 – ALL The News

We are back for another round of shows and all four of us are in studio again! In this episode we discuss: Wheelin and Dealin The best Onion article ever New Belgium is trying to get...

Episode 171 – Godwin’s Law

Back for another show. This is 100% Chris’s fault. Send him all your hate mail chris@craftbeercast.com In this show we discuss: Hey Lime a Rita Interesting study Drink Local No it isn’t Rip Off

Episode 168 – ONE Job

Chris is back and Ryan has disappeared into the mists again. For now… We discuss: GOAT Zima Another dumb law suit Bad beer is OK, maybe

Episode 141- The Jeffbomb

As promised we have a heavy hitter lineup, so stick around for Buy/NoBuy if it is your thing, also because Jeff decides to drop a rare F Bomb. Not rare for the show mind...

Episode 136 – Jeff Stands Alone

Josh makes a studio “upgrade” which Jeff could care less about and ignores.  Ryan joins us to discuss: Stop, Collaborate and Listen Mile High Draught Blue Moon Lawsuit thrown out EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY

Episode 135 – The Gateway Show

Another longish episode where we cover the beers that converted us to craft drinkers, along with: Are you a brewer that likes to send beer to festivals in South Carolina?  Hope you’re not expecting...

Episode 126 – Mr Jeff Goes

The bros are back and Jeff is fresh off his Dark Lord Day trip. And boy do mean fresh. He got off the plane and was chauffeured the studio. Fancy. In this episode we...

Episode 125 – The D

We are back for our 3rd year show! Yes 3 freaking years. I can’t believe I have been doing something for 3 years and haven’t gotten paid to do it but you know what?...

Episode 46: Some Like it Hot

Jeff returns for part 2 of his beer vacation from the PNW. Maybe he saw Sasquatch, at least that is what I am going to go with. In this episode the boys discuss: Dogfish...