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Episode 399 – Over Newsed

In this episode we discuss: DFH going budget Whoa New Glarus via our Subreddit  Weed beer story, again A contract brewer grows Zwanze Day 2021 We are about to take a beating in the wallet Booo Pack booo We need to bring...

Episode 395 – We Got Loopy

In this episode we discuss: Beerworks closes their doors We have heard this one before Goodbye to the brands It isn’t over yet but ouch Coke is learning lessons The shortage is real

Episode 390 – Fax it to me

In this episode we discuss: Josh is the worst Can’t hurt Santa with these Boulevard is trying to right the ship Best Ballparks for Beer

Episode 389 – CLT’d

In this episode we discuss Unknown is going away RIP to a legend. To one of us at least Whale Bro Goose Shit Beer

Episode 387 – Jeff Be Trollin

In this episode: Goodbye to a place 2 of the 3 of us had never hear of This could be interesting to watch Big oooof Like a phoenix Covid Sucks

Episode 381 – Kyle Listen to me

In this episode we discuss: For the degens We wish them the best of luck What was once old is new again If you are counting, why are you drinking Bad Optics Sigh

Episode 378 – Jazz Hands

In this episode we discuss: MN trying to kill craft liqours Idiots gonna idiot WAT NO YES YES YES Gimme em the boot Goose is still Goose, kinda

Episode 353 – The Message

In this episode we discuss: The Incident The Response El A part 2 BA seems to be going nowhere First new beer in 60 years Wholesalers unite

Episode 345 – Wear A Damn Mask

In this episode we discuss: Stone CEO leaves what does it mean More taxes MOAR SELTZERS MMMMMMM Boulevard Whiskey NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

Episode 323 – Bad Jokes

In this episode we discuss: R.I.P. Bold Missy BBAed Seltzer, FINALLY Darkness Day is done, for now Roasting for Reseach is coming up!

Episode 237 – Did Ya Miss Me, Baby?

Jim Ross: In what has become commonplace, it’s another show without Jo—-what’s that?  Who’s music is that?!?!?  BAH GAWD, IT’S JOSH’S MUSIC! [/JR_VOICE] Josh is back, and he’s here to tell us about the...