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Episode 353 – The Message

In this episode we discuss: The Incident The Response El A part 2 BA seems to be going nowhere First new beer in 60 years Wholesalers unite

Episode 242 – Owen Wilson Wow

Some things stay the same, some things change…tonight we talk through: What is CLT beer A Stone in a China Shop The bubble is not about to burst Canarchy is on the rise

Episode 240 – Trademark THIS

Sorry for the lack of show last week; we traveled over to Divine Barrel for a set of shows.  First up, we talked about…. Non Competes Yeast, it’s what’s for dinner Ya don’t say Vomit.gif Bowls brah

Episode 233 – The Reverse Purvis

In the latest installment, we have somehow misplaced Josh, but Chris is here, so win/win? Oskar Blues helps Deep Ellum quit dog paddling That sour taste isn’t the beer, it’s your lack of acceptance of relief Where will...

Episode 231 – Fixing The Glitch

In this episode we discuss: Illegal Activity? In MY supply chain? Stairway to Heineken First they came for my South African hops Green Flash in the pan Brewing your own beer? Oy vey No more breweries

Episode 217 – Mea Culpa

In this episode we discuss: You are saying it wrong Cool Idea Stuck holding the bag Anchor away Visit Idaho Mace  Good on Epic Nice Job Jackie’Os

Episode 215 – Reverse Cacaogirl

Whew. Another big news show. In this episode we discuss: Hazy IPAs have jumped the shark This is why we can’t have nice things Wait, Pabst doesn’t just make PBR?!?!? ISO ISO ISO ISO Might be the best...