Episode 107 – Rest In Pieces, Lappy

The laptop is dead. Long live the laptop. Well not really “dead” but dead to me.  It deleted the first half of the show.  We tried to start over, and it froze up.  Terrified to try to record once more, we gave it a shot.  BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

-=Or=- maybe we were just trying to send Mark a message that he wasn’t welcome.  Your choice, you can pick.  So if you hate Buy/NoBuy, this is not the show for you, because that’s all we have left outside of tears and angst.  Maybe you want to skip this one and come back in a few weeks when we hit a normal news section and our Top 5 beers of this past year!

On this show, we discuss:
  • Not a damn thing
  • I hate my laptop
Of course as I said at the top, Buy/NoBuy is all you get.

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