Episode 53: Everybody’s Got A Price

We tried to play the Million Dollar Man game, aka Everybody’s got a price, but Mark ended up being a Debbie Downer. However, we still try and make it through. In this episode we discuss…

Greenflash bought a brewery

At Alpine Beer Company this morning, Green Flash founders, Mike and Lisa Hinkley and Alpine Beer Company founders, Pat and Val McIlhenney announced that their breweries will join forces, teaming up to share resources, knowledge and experience.  Both the McIlhenneys and the Hinkleys view the affiliation as mutually beneficial, and are committed to supporting each other for the success of both breweries.

AB Inbev bought 10 Barrel

Yesterday the news that Anheuser-Busch was acquiring Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing sent ripples throughout the entire industry. Most of the comments I read, both on 10 Barrel’s facebook page and in reply to The New School’s story, expressed shock, disappointment, and even anger.

Buy/No Buy, I’d Tap That and all the usual horseshit you have grown to loathe.

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