Episode 45: Communist Hipsters

The boys are back again after Jeff returned from his beer vacation in the PNW. In this episode we discuss:

Ten Fidy is coming nation wide! Almost.

The 2014 limited release of Oskar Blues Brewery’s award-winning seasonal, Ten FIDY Imperial Stout, hits all 35 states where Oskar Blues is sold in September, inspiring dark beer lovers to go cross-eyed.

Starbucks Coffee beer?!?

Reports that Starbucks is testing a new coffee drink for autumn that incorporates “toasty stout flavors” has set off a debate over how such a concoction might taste — and questions over where customers can find one. The Dark Barrel Latte was “inspired by the rise of craft beers,” the company says.

In mother Russia, Pabst drink you.

Yesterday afternoon, as iPhone 6 buzz reached its inevitable crescendo, The New York Times reported that Pabst Brewing Company had been sold to a Russian company called Oasis. That’s right — Mother Russia’s icy grip is now wrapped firmly around a bounty of America’s proudest, most historic cans.

Mmmmmm. Beer pipeline.

In the years since the De Halve Maan brewery opened a bottling facility outside Bruges in 2010, the company’s faced a tricky logistics problem. It still brews beer at its original site downtown, just as it has for nearly five centuries. To get all that delicious beer to the new factory for filtration, bottling, and shipping, it uses trucks. Trucks that burn fuel, spew carbon and clog the city’s cobblestone streets (which surely froths all that beer).

No more. The city council has approved the brewery’s unusual but clever plan to save time and money while reducing emissions and congestion. It will build a pipeline to ferry the good stuff across town, underground. Yes, you read that right: A beer pipeline.

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