Episode 44: Protips

The boys are back again for another drunken ramble fest. Also Josh’s color coding got screwed up so some stories that were on the last episode notes are actually discussed on this one. Thanks for telling us know…jerks. On this show we discuss:

Victory figuring out how to spot a bad batch before they ship it.

Invisible Sentinel’s Veriflow brewPAL will provide diagnostic results on a beer sample within four hours, replacing a process currently used in the industry that typically involves a seven-day turnaround.

Buy a beer like a pro

It’s not hard to walk into your favorite bottle shop, grocery store, or gas station to pick up some beer. But, what shape is that beer in? Is it fresh or has it been sitting there for six months, two years, or since before prohibition? Does the age make a significant difference? Here are some tips on how to buy beer like a pro — with some advice from the pros.

Hops growing right here in NC!

Hop farms aren’t what we would call typical in NC, but they are beginning to take root. Plus, we share 6 beers featuring North Carolina grown hops.

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