Episode 36: Cut Jeff Off!

We went to Grapevine down in South Carolina! If you have not had the chance, you owe it to yourself to make the short drive up to Fort Mill if you are in the area. While we were there we got to talk with the Bryan O’Neal, owner and head brewer at Benford Brewing in Lancaster, SC about the Stone Law and how it is effecting them and other SC breweries.

Then we get a chance to talk with Dave from Grapevine about the price of a pint (among other serving types) and what it is like to run a craft beer shop.

Why Beer Costs What It Does

Belly up to any bar in America, and chances are good there’s beer for sale. Whether it’s in a can, a bottle, or a glass filled from a tap, that serving of beer comes at a price. But prices for the same kind of beer can vary a lot from bar to bar, and the same bar or restaurant may even offer the same beer at different prices, depending on the vessel it’s served in.

We also have buy/no buy, I’d tap that, and the usual nonsense. Don’t forget to click that Amazon banner to help us pay for hosting costs.

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