Episode 33: We have a fan!

Remember when Josh is a big, dumb, idiot? Same!  He may have forgotten to tell Mark to turn off the box fan in the room. Have a problem with the noise? Deal with it.  We also have a guest host… Ryan Self! As lame as he is, he was nice enough to give us an awesome tour of the new Olde Meck space. Although it’s still under construction, it’s looking fantastic. Make sue to check it out August 15th when they have their Grand Opening!

We also discuss:

Kuering for you beer? 

Just like Keurig made brewing individual cups of coffee a workplace staple, SYNEK wants to do the same for beer. The dispenser wants to take your favorite beer selections — from local breweries and a friend’s homebrew to an international favorite — and bring it all to one tap directly for the home.

BrewDog Development Fund

This fund will see us allocate up to £100,000 of our profits each year as well as loads of our time to help other new craft breweries start up and get established. It was only seven years ago that Martin and myself (James) set up BrewDog with some second hand tanks, a small bank loan and a big mission, and now we want to encourage others to do the same.

As always, we have Buy-No-Buy, I’d Tap That, and the usual nonsense. Oh, and don’t be a jerk. Go click that Amazon Banner to kick us a few bucks.

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