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Episode 387 – Jeff Be Trollin

In this episode: Goodbye to a place 2 of the 3 of us had never hear of This could be interesting to watch Big oooof Like a phoenix Covid Sucks

Episode 370 – Sympatico

In this episode we discuss: The south still isn’t great with beer laws Boo Anchor Why Where did you go Good on Town

Episode 324 – WHEW that was close

In this episode we discuss: Nothing is going to change, until it does Y’all are fugged Why is this a thing Why ask why, try Bud Nitro The reason ABV on cans is a thing TLDR

Episode 314 – Mules Are The Worst

In this episode we discuss: Resale market is insane Drynuary needs to stop Anchor becomes unionized Another employee owned brewery Do you want to play a game?

Episode 259 – Was the worm in it?

In this episode we discuss: Trillium gets shady NJ changes, maybe for the good Kirin leaving beer Founders outsourcing WTH is Brut Beer Oh Ab you so crazy

Episode 222 – Josh The Shut-In

In this episode we discuss: More Greenflash troubles and then…even more More breweries are a coming Wow…… And it starts No, you didn’t Miller Haze me up Fam

Episode 215 – Reverse Cacaogirl

Whew. Another big news show. In this episode we discuss: Hazy IPAs have jumped the shark This is why we can’t have nice things Wait, Pabst doesn’t just make PBR?!?!? ISO ISO ISO ISO Might be the best...

Episode 209 – Simpsons Did It

Back again for a post Xmas show. Still no Jeff but he will be returning next week. In this episode we discuss: Over 6000 Breweries Treating hops like grapes Wisconsin Beer Label Highland has a new look All...

Episode 201 – Insider Talk

Hey folks sorry for the delay in getting this posted but here you go! In this episode we discuss: Goose Island at it again Fake Barrel aging – SAD! The Thirsty Monk moves west Let’s see how this...

Episode 167 – Schrödinger’s Wells

Back for the final show with Ryan until he decides to randomly join us again. In this show we discuss: New Bells CEO Vaporware Beer still has it, for now Tied House vs Three...

Episode 166 – You put it in your mouth

Back again for some more shows with Ryan still hanging around. Sorry about that. In this show we discuss: Forced Out? Changes to something most of us aren’t buying WOB vs JDubs Walking around...

Episode 164 – My Wife

We are here with Ryan in tow for a few. Sorry for all you Chris fans but Mr. can’t keep his mouth in front of a mic is joining us for a bit while...

Episode 114 – Dick Pilz

The bros are back with a old friend in tow. Ryan from craftfreedom.org talking about what feels like a topic we have rehased 1000 times. The NC barrel limit. If you live in NC...