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Episode 217 – Mea Culpa

In this episode we discuss: You are saying it wrong Cool Idea Stuck holding the bag Anchor away Visit Idaho Mace  Good on Epic Nice Job Jackie’Os

Episode 138 – Delete your pumpkin beer.

The knuckleheads are back and talking about some fun things: Josh is vindicated as we start to see the new “plan” for when your favorite brewery sells out. ABInBev gets what they want, per usual…...

Episode 137 – Some of the Wells

Chris is still locked in the dungeon and we are back with Ryan again to discuss: No Agua Lagunitas is taking over the world Hop Puns Who don’t you trust anymore

Episode 136 – Jeff Stands Alone

Josh makes a studio “upgrade” which Jeff could care less about and ignores.  Ryan joins us to discuss: Stop, Collaborate and Listen Mile High Draught Blue Moon Lawsuit thrown out EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY

Episode 135 – The Gateway Show

Another longish episode where we cover the beers that converted us to craft drinkers, along with: Are you a brewer that likes to send beer to festivals in South Carolina?  Hope you’re not expecting...

Episode 114 – Dick Pilz

The bros are back with a old friend in tow. Ryan from craftfreedom.org talking about what feels like a topic we have rehased 1000 times. The NC barrel limit. If you live in NC...

Episode 33: We have a fan!

Remember when Josh is a big, dumb, idiot? Same!  He may have forgotten to tell Mark to turn off the box fan in the room. Have a problem with the noise? Deal with it.  We...