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Episode 387 – Jeff Be Trollin

In this episode: Goodbye to a place 2 of the 3 of us had never hear of This could be interesting to watch Big oooof Like a phoenix Covid Sucks

Episode 329 – They were bleeping

In this episode we discuss: Virtual Brewgaloo RIP the real Oktoberfest for this year at least Info-graphs are fun Beer is dying in CA CO2 could be running out

Episode 328 – Milk Jug Growlers?

Few things to get out of the way. This and future episodes at least through April will be done online so we are learning some things as we go into this new world. You...

Episode 309 – MACLUNKY!

In this episode we discuss: New Belgium sells Bold Rock sells So with Dog Fish and New Belgium gone, who is next Might have payed too much