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Episode 400 – 400

400 That’s it. That’s the title. In this episode we discuss: Beer after workouts, brah Neat Maybe good BBQ Yuengling expands Why?? WHYYYYYYYY??? Classy This lasted all of 2 seconds Trash beer

Episode 399 – Over Newsed

In this episode we discuss: DFH going budget Whoa New Glarus via our Subreddit  Weed beer story, again A contract brewer grows Zwanze Day 2021 We are about to take a beating in the wallet Booo Pack booo We need to bring...

Episode 390 – Fax it to me

In this episode we discuss: Josh is the worst Can’t hurt Santa with these Boulevard is trying to right the ship Best Ballparks for Beer

Episode 389 – CLT’d

In this episode we discuss Unknown is going away RIP to a legend. To one of us at least Whale Bro Goose Shit Beer

Episode 324 – WHEW that was close

In this episode we discuss: Nothing is going to change, until it does Y’all are fugged Why is this a thing Why ask why, try Bud Nitro The reason ABV on cans is a thing TLDR

Episode 301 – The Hard Way

In this episode we discuss: GABF 2019 Winners GABF by the numbers Normal beer is making a come back Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Episode 250 – A Phantom Wells

In this episode we discuss: AB is up to something Lagunitas cuts staff And the saga continues OK grows up a bit Jersey really is a cesspool

Episode 227 – So Much Blue

In this episode we discuss: World Beer Cup 2018 Results Yea, no OMB to be the first craft brewer to beer in PET Josh is sick of talking about this

Episode 217 – Mea Culpa

In this episode we discuss: You are saying it wrong Cool Idea Stuck holding the bag Anchor away Visit Idaho Mace  Good on Epic Nice Job Jackie’Os

Episode 199 – I smell it, let me inhale it

Josh is back from foggy ole Londontown or is he????? In this episode we discuss: Have you ever seen Colorado’s economy, on beer Craft is pumping money into the economy We are still a mess So did...

Episode 170 – Down The Drain

We are back with another set of shows. For those of you not in NC be prepared as we rant again about raising the barrel limit before we hit the break. In this episode...

Episode 166 – You put it in your mouth

Back again for some more shows with Ryan still hanging around. Sorry about that. In this show we discuss: Forced Out? Changes to something most of us aren’t buying WOB vs JDubs Walking around...

Episode 149 – Erupt Into a BevRage

Two or maybe three of you will get this title. If you do, Josh considers amongst the greatest of humans. If not, well…. In this show we discuss: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “Green” beer or is it...