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Episode 308 – The Virginia Paradox

In this episode we discuss: PG&E bad, beer good Too little, too late Green Flash continues to close places Brew Dog makes some money Millercoors trying to hide some things  

Episode 243 – Do You Even Vape, Bro?

In this episode we discuss: Florida is still a craft beer mess Two hats two soon You are 5 years too late When wasps strike back These top 12 beer states may surprise you

Episode 223 – Dropping Molly

In this episode we discuss: I feel like we talk about this every other show now One more time with feeling Is this the future Drink what you like Why Come at me bro The hammer will drop

Episode 207 – ABInBev is The Trump of Beer

Back again for another show sans Chris. Sorry about the hiss, still trying to figure it hopefully I will fix it before the next round of shows. In this episode we discuss: Budweiser, IN SPACE...