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Episode 324 – WHEW that was close

In this episode we discuss: Nothing is going to change, until it does Y’all are fugged Why is this a thing Why ask why, try Bud Nitro The reason ABV on cans is a thing TLDR

Episode 297 – Pie Face

In this episode we discuss: More places need to do this Odell getting in the wine game Whales bruv Time to play the game

Episode 242 – Owen Wilson Wow

Some things stay the same, some things change…tonight we talk through: What is CLT beer A Stone in a China Shop The bubble is not about to burst Canarchy is on the rise

Episode 232 – Super Fine

In this episode we discuss: The importance of flagships Brewers on the move Boston Beer busted Quantifying the haze craze Heavy petting boo

Episode 173 – My Wiiiife

(Yes I know I am reusing a title from barely 10 episodes ago but the way Wells starts to get super embarrassed as we piled on him, I couldn’t help it) We are back...

Episode 170 – Down The Drain

We are back with another set of shows. For those of you not in NC be prepared as we rant again about raising the barrel limit before we hit the break. In this episode...

Episode 168 – ONE Job

Chris is back and Ryan has disappeared into the mists again. For now… We discuss: GOAT Zima Another dumb law suit Bad beer is OK, maybe

Episode 161 – Vote For Pedro

We are back with the first show of the new year! In this episode we discuss: Big fish eats part of another big fish AB going after the brewpubs It was a good run...

Episode 159 – Google Docs are hard

I get it. This isn’t my best title but just being a little passive aggressive with the co-hosts because why not? In this episode we discuss: For once not a copyright fight Good bye...

Episode 153 – Josh Is Super Petty

Mark tries to make a old joke new again. For shame Mark. We discuss: WAT Poor Utah We missed a Maximum Overdrive joke or two 5 most underappreciated beers OR ARE THEY?? We get a...

Episode 117 – We Love AB-InBev?

The bros are back with a trio of AB – InBev stories. We discuss: R.I.P. Goose Island $&*@ you San Diego, I’m Ron Burgundy? Oh Bud, you so crazy Of course we hit Buy/NoBuy, I’d...

Episode 110 Chris is lost

The bros are back for another good time @allthewells joins us because Jeff was partying with Jim Irsay. Maybe a little too much… In this episode we discuss: OMB pulls out of the triad...