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Episode 347 – Josh Supports Corporate Terrorism

In this episode we discuss: Gross New Belgium was bigger than we thought Dunkin keeps trying This is why we can’t have nice things Brewdog does some decent, for once Blah blah blah Stone. Blah blah blah Stone

Episode 299 – The End?!??

In this episode we discuss: Drumpf trade war Texas grows up What beer terms do you hate, brah Lager, the new hotness That’s a pricey beer  

Episode 153 – Josh Is Super Petty

Mark tries to make a old joke new again. For shame Mark. We discuss: WAT Poor Utah We missed a Maximum Overdrive joke or two 5 most underappreciated beers OR ARE THEY?? We get a...

Episode 47: Monstro, bro.

Spoiler alert: on this episode the guys talk about beer. Like you didn’t see that coming. We cover… GABF winners The Great American Beer Festival awarded 268 medals today to 234 breweries. In its...