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Episode 223 – Dropping Molly

In this episode we discuss: I feel like we talk about this every other show now One more time with feeling Is this the future Drink what you like Why Come at me bro The hammer will drop

Episode 222 – Josh The Shut-In

In this episode we discuss: More Greenflash troubles and then…even more More breweries are a coming Wow…… And it starts No, you didn’t Miller Haze me up Fam

Episode 216 – Deep Faking It

In this episode we discuss: They have case Two hats, two furious Oh Maryland… Skirting Trademarks  Praise Dear Leader, Praise him

Episode 211 – I’ve got duck tape, bitch

First recordings of 2018 and we have a hot take right off the bat! In this episode we discuss OK then Shout out to https://www.reddit.com/user/TheBuck6196 from our subreddit 99 cans of Pabst on the wall. 99 cans...

Episode 210 – It’s Always Sunny in Charlotte

Hopefully everyone is through with their Holidays and made it through safe and sane. In this episode we discuss: Summit Brewing Layoffs Palmetto officially sold Left Hand is still taking White Labs to court AB wants to...

Episode 204 – How Many Dudes Deep?

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and remember that standing in line for BCBS is supporting AB InBev and their business practices to run your favorite local brewery out of business!! In this...